Best Garage Fridge: Best Refrigerator for Your Garage

At the end of the day, what is a garage for, really?


You use a garage to store your car, to store various tools and other devices that you rarely use, and, as you will learn in this article, you can use your garage to store food, as well.

Best Garage Fridge

Food, and any other item that needs to be refrigerated or stored in a cool environment.

Whether you have one-hundred liters of ice cream that you need to store, or you’re a hunter and want to store the meat you’ve gathered so that it doesn’t go bad, a garage fridge can help you with those tasks!

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What Exactly Is A Garage Fridge?

First off, many fridges don’t necessarily fall under the title of “garage fridge”, but work just as well as a traditional garage fridge. In fact, many refrigerators work very well in garages.

But, a traditional garage fridge is a fridge that has a couple of distinct features. One of which is stronger insulation. Insulation that can protect against the relatively intense temperatures of a garage. For some people, that temperature will be heat, and for others, it will be the intense cold. This insulation protects what you are storing from those temperatures.

Best Refrigerator for Your Garage

Many garage fridges are also designed with energy-efficiency in mind. The kind of energy efficiency that you won’t find in most other refrigerators.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Garage Fridge?

Ultimately, the biggest benefit is storage. A good garage fridge allows you to store items in a nice, cool environment. Items that, if stored in your main fridge, would take up too much space.

Garage fridges can also reduce clutter in your main fridge. You have more opportunities to organize the different foods you have, and you can store the items you don’t eat that often into the garage fridge.

Flexibility is another big benefit. For example, with a garage fridge, you have the flexibility to purchase items in bulk, and to store those, if needed.

Garage Fridges

How Big Should My New Garage Fridge Be?

This depends a lot on what kinds of foods and items you’ll be storing in it. For some people, a fridge that is only 12 X 8 is more than sufficient. For others, they need something that is more along the lines of a traditional fridge, or even bigger.

Before you even begin to search for a garage fridge, ask yourself what kinds of things you’ll be storing in your new garage fridge.

Do you hunt? Will you be storing the meat in this garage fridge? Do you often buy in bulk?

Ask yourself these questions, and then you’ll know what kind of garage fridge you need.

Do I Need A Freezer Or Not?

Once again, this depends on what you’ll be storing. If you store things like ice cream, then a freezer is, obviously, a necessity.

But, if you mostly intend to store items that can be refrigerated, then you probably don’t need one.

However, it is worth noting that garage fridges with freezers are very affordable. Therefore, it may be wise to pick up a garage fridge with one, just in case you need it.

Best Garage refrigerator Reviews

Can I Use My Garage Fridge In A Really Cold Garage?

This depends on something known as the “operating range”. You can find this information on the product page of the garage fridge.

Using your thermostat, you should measure the average temperature in your garage, and try to figure out just how cool it is.

If it consistently goes past the highest temp of the operating range, it may be wise to either find a different garage fridge or to purchase a “garage kit”, which helps lower the temperature.

Can I Use My Garage Fridge In A Really Hot Garage?

Hot temperatures cause garage fridges to run their motor and fans much faster than they would normally. Unfortunately, this can lead to the fridge dying after only a year or two.

To deal with this, you can find models that are designed for this purpose. But, they are expensive. You can also insulate your garage, and even store large water bottles in the empty spaces of the garage fridge. These can help alleviate the intensity of the heat, creating a more consistent, and less intense, temperature.

3 Good Refrigerators for a Garage


Garage fridges are fantastic appliances! You can use them to store all of the food, and other refrigeratable items, that your main fridge can’t store. Along with that, they’re a great place to hide some snacks/desserts/drinks for a special occasion!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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