Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter/Charger Review

Today, we are taking a look at the Xantrex Freedom HF 1800 Inverter/Charger. You are going to learn about the features and attributes this inverter/charger possesses. From this information, you can determine if this is the right inverter/charger for you!

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter/Charger

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Easy To Set-Up

What sets the Xantrex Freedom HF 1800 Inverter/Charger apart from many other inverter/chargers is the fact that it’s very easy to set-up. The reason for this easy set-up is the fact that the design is extremely clean, extremely precise, and all of the individual design elements are outlined in a way that allows you to understand what goes and what and how everything works.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840
Xantrex Freedom 806-1840

As a result of this design, the entire process of setting up this inverter/charger is nearly effortless. But, to make things even easier, not only is the actual design of this inverter/charger conducive for setting up the inverter/charger, but it also allows you to easily use the machine.


What makes this inverter/charger so easy to use is the fact that, at all times, you have access to all of the system information that you need. All of this information is easily accessible by looking at a digital remote control display.

To make this digital remote control display even more useful, though, it isn’t bound to the inverter/charger. Instead, you can simply take this display, and place it somewhere else. That way, if you want to mount it on a wall, or set it on your table, you can do so. This makes it so much easier to see the current status of the inverter/charger, allowing you to make use of its functionality.

Designed For Intense Conditions

With this inverter/charger, you have access to a machine that has been designed for intense conditions. Sure, you can use this inverter/charger in your home or in some other – far less intense – space, but, if you need to use it in conditions that are more intense, you can easily do so.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 Review
Xantrex Freedom 806-1840

More specifically, this inverter/charger works very well in marine conditions. For people who own sailboats, this is a great inverter/charger because it works well on sailboats and can withstand those conditions. But, you can also use this inverter/charger in RVs, as well as other places that have different conditions.

Useful Multi Stage Charging

In order for this inverter/charger to properly charge your batteries, it relies on a system that consists of several different charging stages. Each charging stage allows for an effective, and safe, charging experience.

What is notable about this multi stage charging system is the fact that it’s temperature-controlled. Since this charging system is temperature-controlled, the inverter/charger ensures that the temperature never goes past a certain point, which ensures that your batteries – and the inverter/charger itself – is always safe and never at risk of being damaged or unstable.

Effective & Efficient Charger

While the multi stage charging allows for effective and efficient charging, it’s not the only facet of this inverter/charger that works well. What makes the experience of using this inverter/charger even better is the sheer power that it offers.

With this inverter/charger, you have access to 1,800 watts of power. That is quite a bit of power, and using this power, you are able to easily charge all kinds of batteries in a manner that is relatively quick, and incredibly effective.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 Charger
Xantrex Freedom 806-1840

The charging portion of this inverter/charger provides 30 Amps of power. When combined with the 1,800 watts of power this inverter/charger offers, you have access to an easy and efficient charging process.

HIgh-Quality Protection

To top it off, not only does this inverter/charger offer all of those features, but it also offers some excellent protections. These protections consist of over-voltage and under-voltage protection; automatic overload protection; short-circuit protection; ground fault-protection; as well as an over-temperature shutdown protection. Plus, there’s the temperature-controlled charging system, which adds another level of protection to this inverter/charger.

With the protections this inverter/charger offers, there’s no risk of this machine malfunctioning or causing problems. Naturally, this makes your experience with this machine so much easier, and far less stressful.

Conclusion: Excellent Inverter/Charger

In the end, the Xantrex Freedom HF 1800 Inverter/Charger is an excellent inverter/charger that offers everything you’ll ever need in a good inverter/charger. If that’s what you’re looking for, then purchasing this machine is an excellent choice that will serve you well.

Xantrex Freedom 806-1840 HF 1800 Inverter/Charger Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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