Predator 3500 vs. Honda EU3000IS Generator

For a good generator, you can’t go wrong with Predator or Honda. That is why, in this buying guide, you’re going to learn about two of the best generators that they offer. By the time you are finished with this buying guide, you will know which of these two generators offers what you need.

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What Does The Predator 3500 Offer?

The Predator 3500 is a simple and hassle-free generator. For simplicity and ease, this is definitely one of the best generators to purchase. But, even though its simple, it still offers a couple of really useful features that make it just as good as some of the more expensive and elaborate generators.

Every generator relies on a particular engine that works with a very particular type of fuel. For this generator, that engine is a 212CC OHV gas engine that is air-cooled. To make use of this engine, you will need to pour gasoline directly into it. And then, from that, you can turn this generator on and begin powering various devices and systems.

A full tank of fuel will last you around eleven-hours. If you’re using only 25% of the total capacity this generator offers, that is. Even though that isn’t a lot of time – or capacity, for that matter – it is more than enough for simple power needs. Powering a refrigerator, for example, or a small heater, is easy to do with this generator.

Moving this generator around is almost effortless. There are four casters, on the bottom, and you can use these casters to push the generator into and through a plethora of spaces. That way, if you need to move this generator around, you can easily do so.

In the end, the Predator 3500 is a great generator to own if you need something that is simple, mobile, and reliable.

What Does The Honda EU3000IS Offer?

The Honda EU3000IS is a gas powered generator that makes use of inverter technology. Due to offering, and relying on, such features, this is an excellent generator to purchase if you need reliable power that will last for a decent amount of time without creating any problems.

Making use of this generator allows you to power a wide variety of devices and appliances. These are devices and appliances such as a television set, an RV AC unit, different types of refrigerators; along with plenty of others. All of this power and reliability comes from the excellent gas engine, which holds 3.4-gallons of fuel and can easily last anywhere from 7.2-hours to 20-hours.

The really excellent thing about this generator is the inverter technology that it uses. Rather than having to deal with a power system that is unreliable and, potentially, prone to disruption, the inverter technology this generator uses ensures that all of the power you are using is stable and completely secure. You will not have to worry about disruptions or errors that damage your devices.

At the end of the day, if you need a very reliable and secure generator that also offers plenty of power, the Honda EU3000IS Generator will be a great purchase!


Predator 3500

Honda EU3000iS

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