NOCO Genius GEN5X2 Fully-Automatic Smart Marine Charger Review

For a fantastic battery charger, you cannot go wrong with the NOCO Genius GEN5X2. By reading this review, you will learn what this charger offers, and if it offers what you are looking for.

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A 2-Bank Charger

One of the most notable features this charger offers is the fact that there’s not just one bank, but two.

Two banks, both of which are rated 5-Amps.

Both of these banks come together, while you are charging your batteries, to make a 10-Amp battery charger.

Multiple Charging Modes

For you to use this charger, you will need to select the charging mode you want to use, at that particular moment.

The charging modes this battery charger offers are as follows; 12-Volt Repair Mode, 12-Volt Lithium, 12-Volt AGM, and 12-Volt.

Each one of these charging modes is, for the most part, quite similar. But, at the same time, they’re a little different.

As a result of these differences, and the power each charging mode offers, you can charge a wide variety of batteries with this charger.

Some of these batteries include deep-cycle batteries, starter batteries, marine batteries, and boat batteries; along with many others.

Charges Dead Batteries

You can use this battery charger to charge batteries that are completely dead.

To accomplish this, you can use “force mode”, which allows you to force-charge batteries that are currently at 0-Volts.

For those who need to charge dead batteries, this is a fantastic charger to own.

For those who need to charge batteries that are almost dead, this is also a fantastic charger, since you can charge batteries that are at 1-Volt.

Effective Thermal Sensor

Right inside of this battery charger, you will find a thermal sensor.

The thermal sensor can detect the current temperature of the space the charger is located in.

Along with that, the thermal sensor can also detect the temperature of the batteries being charged, as well as itself.

All of this information culminates in a system that automates the adjustment of the charging process.

While charging your batteries when the weather is warm, the charger adjusts itself to prevent over-charging.

While charging your batteries when the weather is cold, the charger adjusts itself to prevent under-charging.

Simple Mounting System

The mounting system this charger offers is simple and versatile.

You can mount the system in moments, which makes for a simple, easy process that takes little time, yet remains effective.

The system allows you to mount the charger at any angle.

Since you can adjust the charger in those directions, this charger can go just about anywhere, and fit into those spaces with ease.

The mount itself integrates well with the anti-vibration backing that is on the back of this battery charger.

As a result of possessing this anti-vibration backing, excessive noise and vibrations are blocked out and prevented from affecting this charger. The same can be said for shocks, which are blocked completely, keeping the charger stable and secure.

Meant For Water

The coolest feature this battery charger offers is its waterproof nature.

Every facet of this charger is completely sealed and fully protected.

You can throw it into water, and the charger will remain effective and reliable.

You can throw, drop, and toss this charger, and it will remain effective and reliable.

Each one of these features, among others, culminates in a battery charger that is exceptionally durable and reliable.

You won’t have to replace this charger for many years.

Conclusion: A Phenomenal Charger

In the end, if you want one of the best battery chargers available, the NOCO Genius GEN5X2 is a wonderful choice.

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