Bosch Router Tables: RA1171 vs. RA1181

Bosch Router Tables RA1171 vs RA1181

Bosch router tables have been extremely beneficial for professional contractors and woodworkers. The convenience of having a table dedicated to a router makes accomplishing a high number of tasks much easier compared to going at it by hand and eye. However, the main question that needs answering is which router table is the best? Bosch … Read more

Milwaukee 2656-20 vs. Milwaukee 2753-20 Impact Drivers

Milwaukee 2656-20 vs. Milwaukee 2753-20

Milwaukee 2656-20 vs. Milwaukee 2753-20 Impact Drivers Back in the day, impact drivers were considered specialty tools that only the most professional, most hardcore woodworkers/home renovators/mechanics would need. Nowadays, thanks to advanced technology and an influx of impact drivers entering the market, they have become both more affordable and easier to use. In this article, … Read more

PORTER-CABLE C2002 vs. DEWALT DWFP55126: Pancake Compressors


Pancake air compressors are the best thing to happen to DIY home renovators and woodworkers. The only way to get your nailers and other pneumatic tools to work is by having an air compressor, but not everybody is willing to tie hundreds of dollars to a large, bulky compressor. Instead, opt for a pancake air … Read more

WEN 6552T vs. DEWALT DW734: Benchtop Planer Comparison

WEN 6552T vs. DEWALT DW734

If you don’t have the funds or space for a full-sized planer, then a benchtop planer is a great alternative. They take up much less space and cost only a fraction of a large planer, but at the cost of board capacity. This won’t be a huge problem, even for professional woodworkers, since boards can … Read more

Best Garage Air Compressor: Which Air Compressor is Best?


Having a garage air compressor is a great asset for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons a good garage air compressor is so indispensable is because you actually need one to use various other tools. Tools such as air impact wrenches, pneumatic nail guns, and air ratchets, to name just a few. With a … Read more