Duromax XP12000E vs. XP12000EH Generator

For a good generator, you cannot go wrong with Duromax. That is why we’ve put together a quick review of two of the best generators that Duromax offers. By the time you are finished reading this quick guide, you will know which of these generators offers what you need. [raw_html_snippet id=”ad1″] What Does The Duromax … Read more

Best Food Truck Generator in 2020

When choosing a portable generator for your food truck, it’s hard to know where to start. One common place is with the great debate is around which type of generator is better: conventional or inverter? Inverter generators, also called quiet or silent generators, have a number of obvious advantages. They make less noise – which … Read more

Best 10000 Watt Portable Generator

If you’ve decided to invest in a 10,000 watt portable generator, you’re obviously not messing around. You’re not going to let a silly little power outage prevent you from keeping your whole household running. But if you’re going to make such an important investment, you might as well do it right – there’s no point … Read more

Grounding a Portable Generator: Tips and Tricks

A portable generator is great tool to have because it can provide electricity wherever you are. It can come in handy for both work – say, as an energy source for power tools at a work site – and for play, allowing you to power your electrical devices on a camping trip or light up … Read more

Best Generator Transfer Switches in 2020

With increasing severe weather events around the world, more and more people are becoming interested in having a back up power source for their home in case of a power outage. If you are one of them, then the concept of the transfer switch is one that you should familiarize yourself with. A transfer switch … Read more

Best Generator Muffler

Portable generators are great for many activities; they can provide electricity on the go or at home, enabling you to get through a camping trip or a blackout with your most important devices intact. Unfortunately, that precious energy often comes with a downside: the disturbance caused by a noisy generator. Many modern, stationary generators don’t … Read more

Different Types of Home Generators

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Do Standby Generators Produce Carbon Monoxide?

Power outages are always inconvenient, but sometimes they can become downright problematic. Long hours (or days) without power can cause perishable food stuffs to go bad and indoor temperatures to swell or plummet at extreme temperatures. Nobody wants to be stuck sweating in a dark basement, worrying about the well-being of fragile relatives while waiting … Read more

Does a Standby Generator Increase Home Value?

Thinking about buying a generator, but not sure what kind of return you’re likely to get on your investment? You aren’t alone, and a Google search will give you answers varying from “Not at all” to “You’ll double your house’s value!” No wonder you’re probably feeling confused. Of course, like most questions, the answer to … Read more