Best Garage Gas Heaters: Super Warm Heaters for the Garage

Most people choose to set up their workstation in their garage. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main reason is that garages are spaces that can get a little dirty, a little hectic, and a little chaotic. And it’s okay if that happens, due to the nature of a garage, and how most garages are designed to take a little wear and tear.

Best Garage Gas Heaters

Working in your garage can become a little difficult though when the seasons shift, and the temperatures go from moderately cold and warm, to just plain cold. Working in your garage during the Winter can be a difficult task because it can lead to you being exceptionally cold, while also dealing with the possibility of various tools and small items being frozen.

With a garage gas heater, you’re able to heat the entirety of your garage. This makes working in your garage a much more enjoyable, and much warmer, experience. It also prevents the likelihood of what you are working on from becoming frozen or damaged by the cold.

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So, What Exactly Is A Garage Gas Heater?

A garage gas heater is a heater that has been specifically designed to work in a garage. Convenience is at the forefront, and as such, most garage gas heaters can heat your garage in just a few quick minutes.

Each garage gas heater is a little different from the other. These differences come down to things like heat output, and the space that the heater can adequately heat.

Super Warm Heaters for the Garage

Why Is A Garage Gas Heater Better Than An Electric One?

When it comes to affordability, gas heaters are a lot more cost-efficient than electric ones. Much of this is due to the technology, which hasn’t seen too many big developments in a number of years. Especially not in the area of cost-efficiency. Although, this may change relatively soon.

Now, when you look at performance, you’ll also see that gas is able to produce significantly more warmth than electricity. Once again, a lot of this has to do with the lack of development with the technology.

Ultimately, those are the two most notable differences. With a garage gas heater, you’ll save money, and generate more warmth.

What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Garage Gas Heater?

When purchasing a garage gas heater, there are four key factors that you need to look at and research thoroughly.

The Best Garage Heaters

The Maximum Area Coverage Of The Heater

This depends entirely on how large your garage is. If it’s a small garage with smaller measurements, such as only being 300 square feet, then you can purchase a heater that supports that space.

Of course, this does limit your flexibility if you ever move.

The same goes for buying a garage gas heater for a much larger space. Make sure you know the measurements of your garage, before looking for a garage gas heater. If you get one that is too small, then only a portion of the garage will be heated. If you get one that is designed for much larger spaces, it is less of a problem, but sometimes too much heat will be emitted from the heater.

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How Much Power/Heat It Can Output

More often than not, these things are measured in BTUs. Now, the term “BTU” stands for “British Thermal Units”, and it refers to the amount of power – and, in turn, heat – that the garage gas heater can actually generate.

If there isn’t a specific size measurement given, then you should understand a few things.

For a garage that is around 250 square feet, or smaller, 5000 to 10000 BTUs should be more than sufficient. If you have a garage that is 500 square feet, then you’ll want 20,000 BTUs. For 1000 square feet, double that number.

You can use this basic calculation for any size garage and for any garage gas heater.

Best Gas Garage Heater Reviews

The Settings That Are Offered

Most garage gas heaters offer a few settings. Or, at least, they should.

These settings enable you to change the amount of heat that is being outputted at any given time. Settings such as these are important because there will be times when the cold is very intense, or not as intense.

This kind of versatility is invaluable when it comes to a good experience working in your garage.


Finding a great garage gas heater doesn’t have to be hard. Ultimately, all you need is something that gives off the right amount of heat for your garage, while also giving you the flexibility to change that output when you need to.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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