Best Garage Air Compressor: Which Air Compressor is Best?

Having a garage air compressor is a great asset for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons a good garage air compressor is so indispensable is because you actually need one to use various other tools. Tools such as air impact wrenches, pneumatic nail guns, and air ratchets, to name just a few.

Best Garage Air Compressor

With a good garage air compressor, you gain access to those tools, among others, and you also gain access to a machine that will enable you to use those for a long time. Garage air compressors are durable machines, and they last a very long time.

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What Does A Garage Air Compressor Do?

A garage air compressor does a couple of key things.

First, it enables you to use the tools we mentioned above. Tools such as air ratchets and air impact wrenches can’t be used unless you have an air compressor. Now, if you’re a mechanic, this makes it an essential item, due to the flexibility and versatility of those tools give you.

Second, they give you a great deal of convenience. You can operate those aforementioned tools; you can also use the device to blow away the dirt, dust, and debris that the days work produced.

Third, you can use your air compressor for other, less obvious, purposes, as well. If you are a mechanic, you can use an air compressor to pump up your tires, among many other things.

Which Air Compressor is Best

When Searching For A Good Garage Air Compressor, What Do I Need To Look For?

When you begin to search for a good garage air compressor, there are four things that you really need to look for. Four factors that will, ultimately, decide your experience with the air compressor and what you do with it.

The Size Of The Garage Air Compressor

Some garage air compressors are very big and bulky. They are designed to remain stationary, the majority of the time. Other garage air compressors are smaller, and they’re intended for you to move them around. Some of them even have wheels, to aid in this.

One of the reasons why it’s good to find a heavier air compressor is because they tend to have stronger motors. Motors that can produce more air. But, with a smaller air compressor, you may have less power, but you can move it around underneath your car, for example, to spray it out. And, you can also run it around the garage more easily.

So, if you have a big garage and you need an air compressor that is mobile, go with a smaller model that has wheels.

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How Much Capacity The Tank Has

Naturally, with a bigger tank, the bigger the air compressor will be. So, with a more mobile garage air compressor, you won’t be getting something that has an especially large tank. With a larger air compressor, you will be getting a much larger tank.

As a general rule of thumb, for a smaller air compressor, you’re going to be getting a tank with a capacity of 6 to 12 gallons. With a bigger air compressor, you’ll be getting anything from 20 to 50 gallons, depending on the size of the air compressor.

Having a larger tank is better since it gives you more air to work with, at any given time. But, that doesn’t mean that you should always go for the biggest tank. Since, depending on your needs, it may be unnecessary.

The 10 Best Garage Air Compressors

The CFM Measurement

You’ll see two measurements when looking at any garage air compressor. PSI, and CFM. PSI isn’t that important. Instead, you want to focus on the CFM measurement.

Now, CFM stands for “Cubic Feet Per Minute”, and it refers to the amount of air that can be supplied, per minute.

Based on the previous categories, you’re going to want to find a garage air compressor with a high CFM measurement, because this means that it can supply air quickly and efficiently.

How Long The Hose Is

This goes back to mobility. With a short hose, you don’t have a lot of mobility or freedom, when it comes to how far you can move the hose, or how you move the hose.

With a longer hose, you have a lot more mobility. But, at the same time, if the garage air compressor you are buying is already mobile, then it isn’t necessary to have an especially large hose.

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Finding the right garage air compressor doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Instead, if you consider the above factors, it can be an easy process that ends with you finding a proper garage air compressor.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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